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When, President Obama signed the Jump Start Our Business Act, the JOBS Act in April of 2012. He effectively lift a 80 years ban on general Solicitation for investment from the general Public and this allows private companies to openly solicit the general public for investors, through the Internet and Social Media web sites Like, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. This Act opens the pathway for crowd funding as we know it today.

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the grouping of many investors who makes minimum contributions in a basket, (The Fund). The grand total of all the contributions placed in the basket is then used to fund or finance a worthy cause, a project, a Business proposal or a real estate transaction. 

Given that crowdfunding is a new way to invest it is important for investors and fund beneficiaries to know the pros and the cons for investing and getting the best benefit from the crowdfunding space.  

The best source for up to date information and resources is from the Massolution Research and advisory group. The Group specializes in the Crowdsourcing and the Crowdfunding Industries. They are thought leaders and have just completed and published the 2015 Crowdfunding Industry Report. This is a must have industry report for every investor and beneficiaries to improve their knowledge on how to get the best benefits from the space and to learn how big crowdfunding is today.  

 It will allow you to better understand the opportunity to raise Capital and funding for your Business, Product or worthy cause via the online portals like Indiggo and Kickstarters. Grab your copy of the 2015 Crowdfunding Industry Report by clicking the link below and gain instant access to this must have report.

 Remember crowdfunding as an alternative to finance is here to stay and is changing the financing landscape for business and working capital.  

 It will allow you to better understand the opportunity to raise Capital or invest in real estate via the online portals.

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